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Most offices have huge gaps in their schedule and don’t know why. We know your team wants to do a great job, but they often don’t have the right systems and tools. Now there’s a solution –

Scheduling for Maximum Production and Minimum Stress

A comprehensive LIVE training module only from Levin Group. This will revolutionize your practice and train your team. Finally, there’s an answer to your scheduling problems!

A full hygiene schedule – 98% of active patients scheduled
Reduced cancellations – cut no-shows to less than 1%

Decreased wait times – an accurate, efficient & optimized schedule
Increased production – a fuller schedule equals more practice revenue.

Session 1 – Power Cell Scheduling™

You and your team will learn the principles and benefits of Power Cell Scheduling. Topics covered include setting production goals, conducting procedural time studies, and defining appointment components in order to accurately schedule each patient.

Session 2 – Creating an Effective Template

Working with your consultant, you and your team will be trained to build a more efficient and accurate schedule––one that increases production, while reducing stress. You and your team will learn how to reserve blocks for productive procedures, schedule new patients and larger cases within 7–10 days, build an accelerated schedule, and manage emergency patients.

Session 3 – Implementing an Effective Schedule

This session will establish rules and policies for creating your new Power Cell Schedule. Topics covered include strategies for filling the entire schedule, pre-appointing hygiene patients, handling cancellations and late patients, test-driving the new schedule and making adjustments, and managing patient expectations when the practice is running behind.

Session 4 – Follow-Up Systems and Value Scripts

Your consultant will teach you and your team critical follow-up systems, such as the 3-3-3 methodology, to prevent patients from becoming inactive. You also will learn how to implement value scripting that influences patients to schedule and keep appointments.

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