In this position correction sitting, only the upper body. Under the initial position. After the USSR Ministry of carcinogen Committee formaldehyde substance and a second hazard class chemical carcinogens refers to the amount of 0.012 mg / m 3 is a general toxic effect, it is allergenic effect of 0.011 mg / m 3 irritate the human eye, nose and skin, nausea, marked headache and dizziness. According to the International Register of potentially toxic chemicals in the United buy accutane without prescription States in 1982, it was banned materials emit formaldehyde. In other countries (Sweden, Germany), directed to reduce the indoor air of formaldehyde is done. And our people inhale air containing formaldehyde 15-20 mg / m3 to get him more and parenteral vaccines. PVC linoleum that the floors of the houses covered, benzene is released. The living we found containing 0.354 mg / m3 20 Q4 benzene products from the North Krylatskom Moscow laboratory. One hundred times the MPC.

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