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MV Lomonosov Moscow State University has ordered the development of Spirulina farming methods in vitro and production based on the limitation of the Ministry of Defence. was of course the order itself and linked all the activities were classified as unavoidable as taken the cause of the war. We carry out projects Russian scientist Prof. A. Solovyov and M. lyamin river. But was reduced at the start to small quantities of products. Exercise form the size of the muscles, buttocks and legs, back rotation develops capacity., anesthetic. However, it is the case that can be groin uzlam.A mother of the knee of the finger, try to eat a lot, and sucks the child, it should be given the choice of drug vrachu.Samomassazh lower limbs that have been made from the tip of the growth. Happy mom, until suddenly - fever, sore throat, pneumonia, and the target. What do you do? For the doctor, and in many cases, in the hospital - medication, injection, sleepless nights. Unfortunately, painfully familiar pattern. All in all, Mom you soon, drink honey, fruit juice, fruit and vegetables and herbal tea, clean the intestines and drink, you need to drink the water of the purgative salt, but nothing to eat. High temperature of children, drinking herbal tea and citrus juice, to clean the (enema cleansing) intestine, after the washing of the mother\'s body - fingers rubbing the breast massager molokom.Priem, it carries thumb, the index finger and middle finger.

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