Time to Get Excited Again

Time to Get Excited Again

Do you remember how excited you were on your first day working in a dental practice? I do. I treated only one patient that day, but I still remember every detail.

As dentists, we never lose our commitment to caring and compassion for patients. However, many dentists tell me they don’t enjoy dentistry as they once did. I tell them it’s because they get distracted and distressed by the non-dental aspects of running a practice these days.

The challenges they face are very real, I explain, but there’s a simple technique for rediscovering the deep professional and personal satisfaction they once enjoyed: walk into the office every day focused relentlessly on helping patients, delivering incredible customer service and having fun.

If you approach dentistry this way—which, I’ll wager, was your mindset on that very first day as a dentist—you will again feel the excitement. It’s been there waiting all along. Bring it out now and let it re-energize you and your team. It may not make those challenges disappear, but it will make you feel very, very good.

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