Situation ‐ Before Levin Group

The dentist believed that most patients—due to financial constraints—weren’t interested in any type of restorative treatment other than the most basic care. He had passed this belief on to his staff. As a result, the doctor and the team weren’t comfortable having treatment conversations with patients or making recommendations. Their case presentation approach was very passive — “you don’t have to do this now if you don’t want to” — and most patients would choose not to move forward with treatment. The doctor was only accounting for 45% of total production, which is far below Levin Group’s recommendations of 75%, with the other 25% coming from hygiene.

Results ‐ After Levin Group

Total production increased 32%. Doctor production went from 45% to 75% of total production. The culture of the practice shifted—individual team members understood their roles in the treatment acceptance process, including building value for services and supporting the dentist’s recommendations.

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