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Small Steps, Big Changes

Small Steps, Big Changes

Many of us say we’d like to improve our personal habits but never really get started. That’s because, when we think about the big changes we’ll have to make, it stops us dead in our tracks.

There is, however, a way around this roadblock to self-improvement. All you have to do is pick one thing. What you pick must be (a) possible, (b) a step in the right direction and, most important, (c) so easy you’ll actually be able to accomplish it.

Look at it this way… if you’re out of shape, you can’t transform yourself into a triathlete overnight. But you can start walking fast or jogging for 20 minutes a day and keep doing it for 90 days until it becomes a habit. Then increase it to 30 minutes a day for 90 days. Then 30 minutes running for 90 days. And so on. Sure, you’ll be progressing slowly… but it beats doing nothing at all, doesn’t it?

Whether you’re talking about increasing your stamina, getting more sleep, improving your diet, learning to meditate—any of those life-enhancing improvements you’ve been meaning to get around to—don’t try to suddenly go from zero to hero. Pick one do-able thing, spend a few months making it a part of your life, then move on to the next, and the next, and the next. Just think of how much you’ll change in five years.

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